60cm Artificial Japanese Aralia Plant Evergreen

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Our artificial version of Japanese Aralia (also known as Fatsia Japonica and False Castor Oil Plant) brightens up any room. Its classic shape, vibrant green colouring and interesting leaf style make it an ideal artificial houseplant. It is an exotic tropical-looking plant which is native to Japan and Korea. The name Fatsia Japonica comes from the old Japanese word for eight (“fatsi” in old Japanese) referring to the eight lobes of the leaves.

  • This artificial plant stands 60cm high when arranged as shown in the pictures. The width will vary depending on how you arrange the leaves.
  • The stems are wired and can be rearranged to suit your requirements.
  • It comes potted in a plastic pot and is ready to display – just arrange the stems as you wish.
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LEAF artificial plants and trees are botanically accurate and make a superb addition to any home or office setting. They are ultra realistic premium artificial plants and are so lifelike you have to look closely to tell they aren’t real.

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Dimensions 60 cm







60cm Aralia

Pot Type

Plastic weighted pot

Pot Size

12.5cm (d) x 11cm (h) approx.

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